I join you now from a coach on my way up to Coventry for the weekend, where I am planning on doing a spot of shopping as I know a few shops have started to get their S/S stock, and I know it's premature but I'm excited to see what's about! Also off to see some friends who go to the university, so I'm sure there'll be a night out or two involved! It's nice to get out of London every now and then, even just to another (less busy) city.

In today's outfit I feel like an extra in Clueless (never a bad thing). Up until now I've avoided the full on kilt trend as it brings back images of primary school, head to toe in Tammy Girl, trying my hardest to look like Avril Lavigne..which I never really pulled off. So whilst some people look great in them, I steered clear of the kilt for a while. This skirt however is a really nice alternative; it's not too bright, it's easy to wear and it's got an almost skater style fit which makes it a great piece for summer too. I have to mention this belt aswell - it's from the 60s and still going strong! 

Jumper - vintage
Belt - vintage 
Skirt - Fashion Union
Shoes - New Look


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