Pardon my use of capitals and exclamation mark in the title, but who doesn't get this excited about the seasonal offerings Lush has to offer at this time of year?! The second I saw on the official Lush Twitter feed the launch date of the new collection in store, I had designs on spending my lunch hour perusing the Aladdin's Cave of sparkling treasures - which seemed a really good idea at the time, until I returned to work absolutely coated in glitter. Ella Hedley; professional as always. I didn't want to go overboard just yet given that it is only just October, so this is kind of a mini haul, but hopefully it will give you an idea as to some of my favourite smells and products. Without much further ado, here are the goodies I picked up.

Right so here's my little disclaimer; y'all know I'm not a natural beauty blogger, so the format of this might be a bit funky. I'm going to list what I got, and what it looks like in the picture because - clever me - I didn't think to individually photograph each product so that this would be coherent and make sense, instead all I have is group images. Also, listed are the prices I found on the website, however I think one or two of these were priced differently in my local store (?)

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt £2.55 (the one that looks like a melting snowman) - The website has this down as 'Christmas spice-scented' and, frankly, I don't think there's a way I could put it better myself - this one smells of Christmas. It's deliciously spicy and almost nostalgic and comforting in scent, and looks super adorable. The idea with this one is it's not a fizzy bath bomb, but instead melts into your bath leaving the water smelling delicious and dispersing almond oil and cocoa butter into the water, making your skin all soft and lovely. Also, fun fact: the eyes and buttons are in fact made from real chocolate. However I wouldn't recommend eating them..

Cinders Bath Bomb £2.50 (the one that's yellow & spherical with red dots) - By far my favourite scent by Lush, ever. Bold statement indeed, but this one is heavenly. If you like cinammon you are going to adore this one which even contains popping candy throughout to recreate the sound of a crackling fire! Not as cute looking or wow inducing aesthetically, but this is definitely the one I am most looking forward to using.

Butterbear Bath Bomb £1.95 (The one that looks like a teddy bear) - This little cutie should have a nose but I'm a bit rubbish at getting my Lush goodies home in one piece. This is the same fragrance as the Butterball Bath Bomb, but in bear form for the Christmas season. I used this one when I was feeling really crappy and it was really soothing as a result of the comforting vanilla smell and ylang ylang, which is supposed to ease panic and stress. Little pieces of cocoa butter dissolve out of this little guy leaving the water a little oily which I was unsure of at first, until I hopped out of the bath feeling soft as a...well, teddy bear.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb £3.50 (The purple one) - Allow me to begin by explaining that this should be double the length it is in this picture. I managed to snap mine in two between the shop and my place, then when I got it out of the bag I dropped one half on the floor, resulting in a mass of purple powder everywhere. Oops. This Bonfire Night inspired bomb is quite floral and fresh, and perhaps the most gender neutral smell if you're after a stocking filler for your man. This one spins round releasing little stars and bursts of  neon green and purple like a Catherine wheel. Need I say more?

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £3.50 (This one should be fairly easy to identify) - I couldn't not get this one, how fun does it look?! I may run the risk of looking like Edward Cullen in the sunlight after using it, but this fresh smelling bubble bar would definitely last you a few baths if used sparringly and smells really uplifting.

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