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At the teeny weeny age of thirteen and for the three years which followed, barely a day went by when I was not wearing a thick black line of liquid on my upper lids. Fast forward to the twenty year old writing this post and I have to admit, little has changed. There’s something so sassy and glamorous about a jet black cat flick that has seen me get through bottles and tubs and tubes of the dark stuff. I have tried the cheapest of the drugstore to the eye-wateringly high end, and these are two products I will stand (sit) here today and say – these ones bloody work. Prepare to be surprised…

Rarely are products so good that they have strangers asking you ‘WHERE DID YOU GET THAT…’ but when they do, you know you’re onto a winner. This was exactly what happened to me just last week in Starbucks when I was queuing for my coffee and wearing my 2True Effortless Eyeliner. Yup, that’s right, the Superdrug own brand liner which costs only £1.99. I have used this product since I was thirteen, and trying new products over the years has only reinforced for me just how good this product is. Stays on all day but easy to remove with cleanser, highly pigmented and with a felt tip nib, lasts for ages…this liquid liner is hard to fault. I recently wore this to work where our air conditioning is broken and we were working late into the night. Whilst a co-worker’s MAC liner was beginning to melt and smudge off, this stayed immaculately in place.

The second liner is much pricier at £18.50 and one which I will admit to having had a love/hate relationship with. I’m certain none of you missed the massive press launch for the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner. I myself was lucky enough to have attended the launch, in which I was told this gel liner in pen form with flexible silicone nib to help get to the very root of the lash took five years to develop. Initially I was really impressed – the flexible nib is such a great idea, and the formula is really highly pigmented. I just couldn’t get my cat flicks right. Maybe I’m not used to the nib shape but after a good few weeks of perseverance I couldn’t get this product to do what I wanted it to. Then one day I applied a small amount to the lash line on my eyelid and smudged it out, and I fell in love with it at last. This smudges so beautifully with a brush when you first apply it, then stays put all day long. It is so much easier to apply in this way and makes a great daytime eye look – particularly when combined with a bronze or taupe eyeshadow and a good black mascara. I have now even started to use this within the waterline instead of kohl because the waterproof gel stays put so much longer and doesn’t gather up in my tear duct. 


  1. I haven't tried the benefit one because of the pricetag but the first one sounds lovely! I always use the collection 2000 felt tip liner but I'll definitely have to give this a go!



  2. I really have to say I love the way you apply your eyeliner. Just saw it in the Video before and I tried to do it the same way but it didn't really work out.. Maybe I need more practice haha :)



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