Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Space Organised! (& Cute too)

January is the perfect time for a reshuffle. We suddenly have a lot more "stuff" post Christmas, a lot of us are pushing ourselves to become more organised, and chilly rainy days are the best time to stay in and get your living space as cosy and tidy as possible. I have to admit, I am not the most organised/tidiest person but I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way about how to make the most of a small space and making it functional for the life you live. 

1. Reuse to Reorganise
Remember all those cute boxes filled with smellies you received for Christmas? Rather than feel guilty about throwing them out, open them up and use both box and lid as drawer dividers. This is such an easy way to organise your makeup collection, underwear drawer, craft supplies and any other little bits. You can also purchases drawer dividers from Ikea for £6 here.

2. Divide your summer and winter clothes
Yup, this tip officially makes me sound like my mother, but as I attempted to wade through the mass of clothes I have stored in (or rather, overflowing from) a drawer under my bed the other day, I realised that there was so much in there I cannot wear right now! Using the following questions as my guide, I split winter appropriate clothing from what I won't be wearing unless there's some freakishly late Indian summer, and chucked the latter into a laundry bag ready to go into the airing cupboard.
  • Would wearing this garment be a guaranteed hospital trip as a result of hypothermia?
  • Has it got palm trees/tropical flowers/bright baby blue all over it?
  • Would it go with tights?
  • Have I worn it at all in the past three months?
I also highly recommend these laundry bags. I bought mine from Isle of Wight independent store Live Like This, but you can also purchase them from dot com gift shop. They are so convenient, fold down really small when you're not using them and come in loads of fun prints. They were an absolute god send when I was moving to and from university!

3. Storage doesn't have to be all about drawers and shelves
Sometimes there simply isn't enough room for the furniture to keep things like bed sheets or magazines. The authentic French baskets at Just French (again an Isle of Wight independent store, but these guys have a website to shop from!) are so great for keeping bits and pieces in. I use mine for magazines and blankets, and keep it next to my little reading cubby - the window sill.

4. The 'Daily Essentials' bowl 
Easily one of the best things I have bought for the room, this is where we keep all the little things we need on a daily basis - keys, watches, work ID, and any other bits and pieces required when walking out the door. No more fretful cries of 'WHERE'S MY...' in the morning, this just makes life that little bit easier.

I hope some of these will help you guys out, and I would love to know if you have any unusual tips or tricks for keeping your bedroom organised?

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