Dozy to Rosy - Skincare for the Super Sleepy

One day I will arise each morning to the sound of bluebirds chirping on my windowsill, stretch out my arms and yawn off a good night's sleep, waltz over to the mirror as said bluebirds comb my hair, and my reflection will be so radiant and my eyes so bright that all of the kingdom will have to declare me the fairest of them all.

The reality is, however, that I am not a Disney Princess. I awake most mornings at 5am to a hideous alarm and drag myself out of bed looking like the grudge with two black eyes. And that's when I'm not working the late shift. Luckily, I have found a couple of products along the way (which I think might secretly be miracle potions) which make a noticeable difference to my skin and give the illusion that I didn't need a serious shot of caffeine just to open my eyes in the morning.

The Bodyshop Vitmain E Serum in Oil - As someone who suffers with oily, shiny skin I was entirely against using oil on my face, until someone told me that all the oil free stripping cleaners and toners I was using could in fact be making my skin over produce oils to make up for the low levels. I decided to give this product a go and I have never looked back. I use it every night and for me personally it hasn't made me break out at all, leaving me looking so fresh faced in the morning. I have never used a skincare product before that has had such a visible result!

The Bodyshop Vitmain E Aqua Boost Sorbet - I have written a review of this product on here before singing it's praises and I am still as obsessed. This is cooling, fresh and not greasey, sinking in so beautifully to the skin. I love applying this to my skin in the morning as the cooling effect is so refreshing!

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream* - Soft and velvety in texture, this eye cream helps your eye makeup glide on - no more cakey concealer as you try to cover dark circles. I took the advice of the lovely Megan from Meg's Boutique by using this on occasion as an eye mask by using a little bit more than usual and leaving it to sink in - something I particularly enjoy doing in the evening.


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