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For those of you out there who, like myself, require some kind of  'Homeware-aholics Anonymous' type help, I thought I'd post a few bits I have bought for my bedroom recently. In case you hadn't guessed from the picture above, the theme in my room is white and grey, with metallic accessories. Most of these items were pretty good value - apart from the shell lamp, but I had sleepless nights dreaming of how much I needed this in my life. I wish I was joking. Those who worked with me at the time will be able to tell you aaaaalll about the shell lamp saga (soz guys).

Grey Chevron throw - Primark, £10 Okay, so we knew Primark home was getting pretty good for home stuff but this is the first time I have been in and found exactly what I was looking for (and for a fifth of what I was willing to pay!). I keep this folded up at the foot of my bed ready to snuggle up under like an old lady.

Pineapple Candle - Primark, £2 I jumped head first onto the Primark Pineapple candle bandwagon. So bargainous, so cute! I have mine on top of a stack of two of my prettiest books.

Geometric Quilted Cushion - John Lewis, £20 The textile department of John Lewis is a little bit like heaven for me. Everything is such gorgeous quality so I think this cushion is great value for money and it fits like a dream with my scheme. I couldn't find this online anymore but I saw it in store fairly recently for those who are interested!

Rug - H&M Home, £14.99 I am so impressed with this item - I wasn't expecting the quality of this item to be as good as it is for the price. It really ties the room together and it's a pretty decent size too. 

Copper Coated Coat Hook - John Lewis, £6.00 Little touches like this can really pull the theme of a room together. Also justifying this purchase as a practical one too ;)

Shell Lamp - Laura Ashely, £65 By my own admisson, this is an entirely ridiculous and indulgent purchase, but this just isn't the type of thing you see every day and I knew I would love it for years to come!

Geometric Quilted Bedspread - Primark, £17 I'm not a massive fan of colourful, patterned bed sheets - I much prefer a plain white duvet cover with textured, patterned textiles on top, so this bedspread is perfect. I can't believe this one is from Primarni!!

Copper & Glass Terrarium/Candle Holder Thingy - TK Maxx, £5.99 I finally found one of these bad boys in TK Maxx - TIP: look in the gardening/outdoor living section. I swear that place is a treasure trove but my god do you have to have the patience to root around! 

Have you picked up any gems lately? Does anyone else have as much of an addiction as me?

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