Haircut - The Lob

 Okay so I got this done like a month ago now soooo not really new but I thought I would officially address it on here. I had a bit of a spur of the moment decision to cut my hair off because it was getting long and tatty. I also felt like it wasn't very me anymore and as I have recently started a job in a management position I felt like the long style made me look too young to be taken seriously. I also wanted a bit of colour run through for the summer so I've had some subtle highlights (not shown well in these pics) worked in from about 2 inches from the roots. 

I am so glad I got this done, it feels so much more 'me' and maintenance is a dream - in these pictures I literally haven't styled it at all. Having said that, I do now style it more because it's so much more versatile and I know that curls etc will stay. 

Please excuse the weird blurry marks in these pics, think I need to give my lense a clean!


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