France pt. 1 - Dinan, The Market & Dinard Beach Day

Bonjour mes Amis! As those of you who follow me on  my Instagram will know, I spent last week in Brittany, France for some much needed R&R (I haven't had more than one day's holiday in 6 months, and I was feeling it!!) 

I absolutely love reading travel posts and flicking through the pics on blogs so I thought I'd take you along with me. Also I've been going to this area in France most years since I was a wee 5 year old so I thought this could act as a bit of a guide to a few hidden gems in the area! I'm going to split this post in to two so as not to bombard you with photos, so keep your eyes peeled for pt. 2 ..

The evening we arrived, we popped open the fizz straight away and my pa whipped up his legendary carbonara - I literally can't describe how delicious this is, it is my favourite meal ever ever

The morning of day one was a little overcast and everyone was up for exploring the market in Dinan. Sadly I think the market has gone a bit downhill trinkets-wise since I last went, but it's a fantastic place to get some authentic street grub or fresh veg.

We even came across one stall where a man was selling baskets and weaving them before our eyes!

Dinan itself is such a beautiful medieval town, full of gorgeous boutique-y independent stores. Loads of the buildings look really quirky and kind of skewiff. It's such a lovely place to sit and eat lunch outside.

The next day was utterly glorious and a perfect day for the beach. A lot of tourists visit the main beach in Dinard which is lovely and we do still visit, however there are also lots of little coves not far away which have incredible rock pools filled to the brim with baby lobsters, mussels and oysters which are revealed when the tides go out - these smaller bays are definitely worth a visit and tend to be the ones that locals head to when the sun shines.

The water was so blue! We couldn't resist a dip.

That evening we headed back to the house and made the most of the barbecue weather. Paul even plucked up the courage to try an oyster (rather him than me!)

You really can't beat French fruits and seafood, it tastes so much better across the channel!

So that's a wrap for the first few days. Stay tuned for pt. 2 which includes my birthday, exploring St. Malo and (of course) more food :)

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