France pt. 2 - My 21st, Saint Malo & An Adventure

I've been back at work for one week and I cannot express the extent to which the holiday blues are haunting me! The only thing keeping me going is the prospect of a relaxing Autumn (& booking a holiday for next month...) but for now time to reflect on part two of our summer trip to France.

Part of the reason we went when we went was so we could tie the holiday in with my 21st. It was such a lovely, chilled birthday spent picnicking by the canal in Treverien, rowing up and down said canal, then heading to one of my favourite restaurants after a chocolate tart binge.

It was such a bonus being in France for so many reasons......naturally the patisserie options topped this list. The chocolate tart and macaroons we had were diviiiine.

Then we headed out to a local restaurant in Lanvallay, close to Dinan. It's been a firm family favourite for years now but I haven't ever really been old enough to appreciate how good the food is. I was enjoying the food so much I completely forgot to take any pictures, so here's one my sister took of her dessert!

The following day we headed to Saint Malo - a must do if you're going to Brittany. Saint Malo is set within fortress walls on the coast and is home to so many lovely stores and restaurants.

For some reason, in the fifteen years or so that I've been going to Brittany I have never walked the walls of Saint Malo. I would definitely recommend it though as the views of both the town and the coast are stunning!

The last day of the holiday was really miserable weather, but I promised Paul we would cycle while we were away so I had to stick to it. Weirdly enough cycling in the pouring rain was strangely fun, when you kind of accept you're going to get dirty and soaked it is quite freeing! We cycled the 25 mile, four hour round trip to the Dinan viaduct and it was actually really enjoyable (but oh, the pain the next day!!!) 

We went via the canal route which was so scenic and beautiful. At one point we thought we were going to get murdered by a man with a large blade on a stick - I have never cycled so fast in my life - but I think he was laughing just to be polite and there probably was nothing sinister about it at all...however we were still pleased to be out of there quickly! On the plus side we also saw donkeys.

Making it to the tiny village on the river next to the viaduct was such a relief and made me so pleased we'd made the effort to do the bike ride.

I wore my Gap Fit gear and my Musto Sardinia jacket to stay dry. Looking back, it was perhaps a bit naiive wearing such a light colour!

So that's what I got up to on holiday! I've really enjoyed putting this post together and I plan on going abroad a lot in the coming months so hopefully I can do some more of these types of posts on the blog. Now, roll on the next holiday!

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