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I am so tired I feel like I have forgotten how to translate words from my head to written type, so it's fairly ironic that today's blog post is about very well written things. And by things I mean books I have recently read. I do a lot of reading in my spare time and I am fortunate enough to have a great beta tester in the form of my 16 year old sister who would ask the Queen of England to 'WAIT UNTIL I'VE REACHED THE END OF THE PAGE!' so I get some great recommendations. Having said that, I rarely read books that I am truly hooked on, so here's a little summary of my most recent Can't.Put.It.Down. reads...

Scar Tissue / Anthony Kiedis - Even if you aren't a mega fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers you should read this crazy autobiography by front man Kiedis. It truly is the most amazing story of drug abuse, love and the weird rise to fame of group of junkies who just likes to jam. Also there's a lot of explanation behind the lyrics to the big hits such as Under the Bridge and Give it Away. I have always really liked the Chilis but this took it to a whole new level. (I'm even almost ready to forgive their awful set at the Isle of Wight Festival a few years ago. Almost.)

All The Light We Cannot See / Anthony Doerr - This is the most incredible and non traditional WW2 book. Based around the lives of an orphaned boy who grows up in Germany and a blind girl living in France this is such a unique kind of story about two children of the war. It's so hard to describe this in a good way without ruining the plot but it's well worth a read and really, really fascinating.

Love, Rosie - A fairly traditional story of childhood friends who have always held a flame for one another, with fairly unusual twists that derail their chances of getting together for a very, very long time. Written in the form of letters and emails this story is equally beautiful and infuriating (several times I complained to my boyfriend how annoyed I was that they wouldn't bloody tell each other they were in love) and definitely worth a read if you're into romance novels.


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