The Best Bargain Hair Duo For Winter Hair

I am so excited to share this post today because for me personally I find it really difficult to find a good shampoo/conditioner combination. I'm not really at a stage in my life in which I can justify spending £20 per bottle so I spent a long time settling with products that left my hair pretty lack lustre - moderately soft, moderately shiny and not particularly hydrated. Especially as we are heading into winter months and my hair always takes a beating as a result of the cold, central heating and more hair dryer abuse I have been on the hunt for something particularly nourishing!
So when I picked up this Loreal Nutri Gloss Shine duo I really wasn't expecting a lot. I am, however, delighted to say I have at last found what I've been after all along! This combo really does give hair a healthy shine but without that plastic-y, heavy feel that sometimes comes with it (anyone else know what I'm talking about??).
 I have fine hair but in great volume so I am VERY impressed with how soft this makes my hair - something that also it helps combat some of the notty-nest-like hair that I am all too familiar with. On top of that - my ends feel much healthier. For £3.50 a bottle this is definitely worth a try and something I have already recommended to all of my friends. And judging by how often I have to replace the bottles, my mum and sister are fans too!

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