Life Update - Blog Redesign, Posting Schedule & Travelling!

Hello lovely readers, I'd like to pop in a little life catch up - I feel like it's been such a long time since I've connected to my readers on a personal level, so now seems as good a time as any to get you all up to date on what's been happening in my world.

First (and most obvious) things first; those of you who are regular visitors will recognize that the blog has been undergoing a few changes recently! This remains a work in progress and I am experiencing a few technical difficulties - HTML coding is starting to drive me slightly nutty tbh. When complete this blog will have changed from good ole' Drivemode to Ella Olivia. I've been thinking about making the change for a while now - Drivemode came about when I was moving to London as a 17/18 year old to study fashion design and just isn't relevant to my life or this blog anymore and I don't feel it reflects my personality or content at all. Whilst this blog remains predominantly style based there are so many more areas I am interested in now - particularly lifestyle and travel (keep 'em peeled).

So now to Ella Olivia! I hope you are liking the new feel, the idea was something much airier and with a touch of outdoorsy inspiration - once an Island girl, always an Island girl. To me it was imperative to keep this space feeling like a blog as I'm really not a fan of the e-zine, boxy style - everyone loves a good scroll, right?! Let me know your thoughts on the new look...

Secondly, I'd like to address the weird posting schedule currently. As it is I try to post as frequently as possible, which unfortunately sometimes makes my posts a bit sporadic. I do find it difficult juggling my full time job, part time job, social life and the blog, however this is something I am working on. I also really want to improve the quality of my posts as I'm not completely happy with the content recently, so that too is under review.

Then I suppose all that's left to discuss is where I actually am with life right now! My boyfriend has had to move back to Germany to finish his degree for a few months - which really sucks - but also means that I have a great excuse to get out there and do some travel. Yesterday I returned from a visit to see him in Germany, and later on this month we are taking a trip to Milan! I'm so happy to have some foreign adventures lined up and I can't wait to share photos and travel advice on here. Not to mention a switch up for the backgrounds of my outfit posts ;)

All in all I'm feeling very inspired and excited right now and I'm delighted to have this platform as an outlet, let alone people who actually read it, so lastly but by no means least, is a big THANK YOU to all you lot. It's nice to know I'm not just writing to myself :)

Ella x

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