Milan Travel Diary Part One - The Duomo, Best Pizza in Milan and Homemade Bolognese

A couple of weeks ago as a birthday present to the man we took a holiday to Milan, Italy. As he is currently living in Germany and I in England I thought it'd be fun to meet somewhere completely new for a change. 

We stayed in a gorgeous little Air BnB apartment roughly a twenty minute walk from the city centre and I was really impressed with the experience. It took a lot of bumbling through, Google Translate and gesticulations but we both managed to get to the right place and learn how everything worked! The area we were in was gorgeous - very typically Milanese with traditional buildings aplenty. We used the tram system to get about which was easy enough once we realised you can get your tickets from the underground stations and local stores.

Everything in the city was so pretty - even the old fashioned trams. Riding around in the old wooden carts made me feel like I was in Harry Potter!

 First stop was, of course, the stunning Duomo. When I was researching Milan I saw pictures of this everywhere and thought it looked lovely but in truth no pictures live up to how spectacular it is in person.
Right next door to the Duomo are all the big bucks brands (Prada, Louis, etc) in the most incredible shopping centre you ever did see built around a huge glass ceiling.

After a stop for coffee we wandered down the main high street towards the park which was fronted by a fortress. We were so lucky with the weather!

We then stumbled upon this amazing archway and stopped nearby for a spot of pizza at Pizza Ok - a small Milanese Pizza chain which has a menu with all kinds of funky pizzas on, all fresh stone baked and on the thinnest base. I have to say the pizzas we had from there were the best we had, it seemed so hard to find good pizza in Italy!!?! This one was bacon, egg, asparagus and a sort of Italian creamy blue cheese...looks gross, tastes SO GOOD.

After a long day trekking around the city, we headed back via the square around the Duomo as the sun was setting. There was such a great atmosphere there and despite it being 'touristy' it never felt too rammed full of people.

Day two was spent in a very lazy, leisurely manner. Both of us were pretty exhausted from travelling and exploring so we had a pajama day, only getting up to fetch ingredients to make ourselves a bolognese.

Look how great those tomatoes were! I really love cooking so I was really pleased to have cooking facilities in our BnB.


So that concludes part one of my travels in Milan! Stay tuned for part two in which we took on a mountain and explored Lake Como...


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