Milan Travel Diary Pt. 2 - Lake Como; The Most Beautiful Place in the World?

I've been putting off posting Part Two of my Milan Travel Diary because I knew looking at these pictures would make me in equal parts nostalgic and filled with wanderlust! Just look at that view!  I really do think that this day was my highlight of 2015 and that's why it has an entire blog post to itself.

After a few days exploring the city of Milan (see Milan Travel Diary Pt. 1 here) we took a train and headed somewhere I have always wanted to visit - Lake Como. I am so glad we did this as I get fidgety on a city break, there always comes a point when I'm itching for some open space and fresh air.
Lake Como is so easily accessible from Milan - it cost us less than ten euros for a return and the journey was only an hour and a half long. Do beware of the train strikes though as this very nearly caught us out, I would advise anyone planning on getting a train in Italy to check online in advance that the services are still running.

We arrived at Varenna train station pretty early in the morning and were automatically blown away by the view.

It just looked like such a picture perfect, Shakespearean Italy. It's so nuts to think how close this place is to the hustle and bustle of Milano city centre. We decided to follow one of the hikes up the mountain that began in a higgledy piggledy village area.

As we hiked up the sun hadn't hit the side of the mountain we were on so it was pretty chilly. As we hadn't known we would be climbing up a mountain when we packed our luggage for the holiday we were very much unprepared - we were both wearing jeans, trainers and woollen coats! Ps. no hate here, I know you're jealous of how great this outfit combo looks ;) This photo also shows how steep the path was!

The view from the top was mind blowing. So worth the exhaustion! Despite being November when the sun hit it was gloriously warm so this is where we had a pit stop for lunch. There are definitely worse places to eat lunch.

We climbed back down the mountain a little sooner than we were planning after coming across the scariest looking herd of goats and making a run for it! On the screen I am aware this reads as completely ridiculous but I don't think I have ever been so scared!
It was time to take a wander along the river and enjoy the view.

We ended this perfect day enjoying an Aperol Spritz (new fave Italian  cocktail!) and a tiramisu looking out onto the water. If ever you get the chance to go to the Lakes, I implore you to do so, you really won't regret it.

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