5 Ways to Rediscover Your Style Mojo (without spending a penny)


I've noticed a couple of Blogger ladies have addressed a similar topic recently, but there seemed to be a recurring theme in every point - it was all about buying more stuff. Which is great, we all love buying more stuff, right? The only issue I have with this is that every time I fell out of love with my wardrobe I would panic buy a load more stuff which, inevitably, turned out to be the unloved stuff bagged up ready for the charity shop a mere 6 months later.

As a Blogger I have the dreaded 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' paddy even more often nowadays. And if it sounds ridiculous, just tell me you've never been there before surrounded by a now floordrobe despairing at how stupid you were not to have the right top for this occasion, wishing Asos offered a same day delivery service? Yup, thought so. As I was saying, as a Blogger I feel even more pressure, because I document most of my outfits online to an audience of thousands and there's nothing like looking back and thinking 'why the hell did I wear that?!' and then realising how many people saw you in the red-patterned-kimono-with-tropical-style-gym-shorts-and-tights-ensemble - the product of a classic wardrobe relationship meltdown which I like to keep online to remind me that my personal style has evolved for the better.

1 - Take everything out of your wardrobe, then put it back in again
I am aware this one sounds like a complete and utter waste of life but when you walk into a messy shop you'll be far less inclined to buy and I really think the same applies to your wardrobe. A quick neaten up should leave you feeling instantly more inspired when you come to your wardrobe and you'll probably find some hidden gems which have fallen to the bottom of a pile or been squished up near the back along the way. Go a step further and organise according to style or use or garment type for optimum results.

2 - Actually tackle the washing pile
It's so easy to fall into the habit of only washing when you're in dire need of socks because, frankly, doing the laundry is boring and time consuming. Before I know it I have a pile of laundry so large it should have it's own postcode. By tackling the beast and actually getting to the bottom of the washing I rediscover so many pieces of clothing I had forgotton about and, double whammy, I feel mentally clearer for having achieved it!

3 - Search items you already own on Pinterest
I'm not just saying this to justify the hours I while away on Pinterest searching for the perfect messy bob or 10 times Gigi Hadid slayed @ something; when I'm really at a loss at how to style something I pop it in the search bar and wait for the inspo to roll in. Whether it's a pair of jeans I haven't quite figured out how to wear without heels, or a way to wear trainers without looking like a complete boy - Pinterest is my go to site for making the most out of what's already in my wardrobe. Click here to find my Style Inspiration board!

4 - Chuck stuff out or box it up
Continuing along the same lines as point one, when tidying up your wardrobe it's a good time to de-clutter. If in your heart of hearts you know you are never going to wear the bodycon minidress with 80s style shoulder pads again (we all make mistakes!), perhaps it's time to give up the ghost. Likewise sometimes your 'drobe will be filled with unseasonal pieces that clutter things up both physically and mentally, which can be boxed up ready for next season.

5 - A little nip & tuck
I'm not getting all Gok Wan on your asses here by telling you to add nuts and washers as embellishments or to spray paint a logo onto your tee shirts, but sometimes it's a good idea to implement a little DIY here and there. If you don't wear the old jeans anymore, why not trim off the bottom hem as a seasonal update? Little changes here and there can help you to fall back in love with tired items. Again, Pinterest is great for this as well as blogs such as A Pair & A Spare.

I hope these tips might help some of you guys too. If you have any tips please share them in the comments,
Ella x

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