Germany Travel Diary: Karlsruhe in the sunshine, some modern art & getting my Aperol Spritz fix


Although I have been living in Karlsruhe for a month and a half now, I definitely still feel like a tourist - which doesn't feel like such a bad thing. What's been so great about moving countries is I'm away from my home comforts; in my hometown I know exactly where to find the best hot chocolate, where to head to on a sunny day and my favourite dish at my favourite restaurant. Throwing yourself into somewhere completely different forces you to go out and discover all these things about somewhere completely new. Whilst I don't think I've yet found the best hot chocolate Karlsruhe has to offer, I'm definitely having fun on the journey!

I thought I'd compile some pictures of what we've been up to lately and a couple of new discoveries we have come across...

As the weather has been on the turn I've been opened up to a whole new side of the city. Watching it begin to bloom, seeing friends meeting for beers and cocktails in the squares, cycling all over the place and visiting the pond to catch up with how the little geese babies (goslings?) are getting on has been pretty great really! 

If you are visiting Karlsruhe then whatever time of year I think you must visit the Schloss (palace) - however it is particularly lovely when the sun is out. There's such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the surrounding park is beautiful.

This particular visit was the day after St Patricks, hence the sunglasses & beanie - I was feeling pretty ropey after the night before!

Another touristy thing Paul and I have been enjoying is visiting the musuems. One we have been back to a couple of times recently is the ZKM. Think Tate Modern only smaller, and more media based. The ZKM is free on a Friday afternoon past 2pm and I would recommend it for those into their modern art.

The main attraction at the moment is this enormous oil shower/waterfall. Very impressive and a little addictive to watch.

As I was saying at the beginning, we've been spending a lot of time on the hunt for good places to eat and drink. I was drawn to Ludwigs as it is in a little square with a huge outside patio where people have been sitting on warm afternoons with friends and an Aperol Spritz or two. This drew me in like a moth to a flame so it wasn't long before we gave it a go.

Naturally I had an Aperol Spritz and it took me straight back to November's trip to Italia!

I went for a ham and cheese tortellini which had the creamiest, most perfectly seasoned sauce. Usually I won't go for a pasta dish because so often they can be disappointing but this was gorgeous. Paul went for a Thai curry which I can confirm was also delicious (if a little odd for an Italian style restaurant) but in my hunger I forgot to get a snap of it!

We had such a lovely meal at Ludwigs and it was the perfect mid week treat when we really needed it!

It's been so great having the time to get to know the place like a tourist and finding things to do that you would only really find living like a local. I really feel like the European city life is suiting me well and, although a few things (language, jobs, y'no small stuff) are still a bit up in the air at the moment I'm so pleased to be here right now.

I hope you liked this weird compilation of a post! I'm thinking of doing a '10 Things You Have to do in Karlsruhe' post soon so keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as some more of my German travels and hopefully some sunshine travels shortly!

Ella x

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