Tropic Skincare Review: Smoothing Cleanser & Face Smooth exfoliator

I mentioned in my Tropic Haul Post that I would write a review on the skincare items a bit further down the line when I had used it for a while, so today I'm going to be talking about my experience with both the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser and the Tropic Face Smooth. Having purchased both products in January I feel I've given them a pretty thorough trial and I wanted to share my thoughts. Click below to see what I thought...

Firstly I'll begin with the Smoothing Cleanser. I have to put it out there - this has to be the best cleanser I have tried. My skin type is relatively oily so I would usually keep my distance from something packed with so many natural oils (eucalyptus, golden jojoba & avocado) but my skin has absolutely lapped this product up. This is the only cleanser I have used which doesn't feel at all stripping - it feels as though any make up or dirt just melts off. I personally prefer to remove my make up with a micellar formula before using this just because I don't like getting the Bamboo Cloth which the product comes with too grubby, however I have on a few occasions gone straight in with this cleanser and I can confirm it's a great formula for removing makeup too. I massage the product onto my face and neck, run the Bamboo Cloth under hot water then squeeze it out before laying the cloth on my face so it can really open up the pores, then gently wipe the product away - a little ritual which is both effective and really relaxing! Testament to how effective I have found this product; I lost it during my move from the UK to Germany and my skin broke out from stress and nothing could calm it down, then when I found the Smoothing Cleanser buried at the bottom of a box within two days my skin had cleared up and looked so much healthier and plumper!

The Face Smooth is my once weekly treat that I use when having a pamper. I usually like to have a bath, use the face smooth, cleanse my skin then apply an overnight oil and I swear this is the perfect routine for the relentlessly cold weather of Germany in February and March. Again this isn't harsh or stripping like a lot of other facial exfoliators on the market - in fact it feels luxuriously moisturising, leaving my skin super soft and smooth. If you're not a fan of strongly scented products then perhaps this won't be the one for you but I love the uplifting citrus scent. I use a small amount on damp skin and gently use circular motions around the face and neck avoiding the eye area, then rinse before then cleansing to get rid of any residual product. I'm actually considering using this on my upper arms and elbows as I tend to suffer with bumpy, dry skin in this area - if you have tried using it in this way do let me know!

All in all I am so impressed with this all natural skincare and make up brand and I truly can't wait to try more. The only negative I can come up with is that I can't get hold of this stuff in Germany!!


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  1. Great Review. Looking forward to trying this stuff out!


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