Berlin Travel Diary Part 1

What better way to spend a grey beginning of a week than wandering the streets of a new city? Berlin has been on my radar since I started visiting Germany three years ago but feeling at a loose end a couple of weeks back I decided to finally get round to booking a trip. What we discovered was a modern city saturated with history and some pretty great food.

As soon as we exited the Habtbahnhof (main train station) we stumbled across a couple of Berlin's most famous tourist destinations; the Parliament buildings...

...and the Brandenburg Gate

When going somewhere new I love to spend at least a day exploring on foot without a map. It's so much more special when you stumble across places entirely by coincidence, so off we trundled along the river.

stopping only to refuel at a street stall for some double fried chips slathered in a currywurst sauce - when in Rome..

There is art everywhere you look in Berlin, be it in the architecture, street art or on the side of a bridge. Getting about on foot really was the best way to discover these hidden treasures.

Having had a pretty exhausting journey we headed to our hotel (see my review & pics here) and had a nice long nap. The area we stayed in was cobbled, lined with Vespas, with wide pavements full of lovely independent restaurants. We went for a little Italian called La Trattoria which was perfectly quaint and candle lit. 

What's a holiday without a glass of bubbly?

The staff were so attentive and brought a small appetizer of fresh bread with olives and a traditional kartoffelsalat (potato salad) with an Italian twist. Bellies rumbling we gratefully polished this off in moments - walking and napping are hungry work!

In my sleepy, hungry state I only brought my fixed 50mm lense with us to the restaurant so you'll have to put up with my super close up of my spinach and blue cheese wood fired pizza. Needless to say it was delicious and entirely diminished in a matter of minutes.

Filled to the brim we headed back to the hotel to get a deep night's sleep ready for day two. Keep your peepers peeled to see what we got up to on the rest of our trip...

Ella x

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