Monthly Round Up: March

In my last monthly round up post I recall saying that March would be a far more relaxed ordeal than that of February, yet here I am looking back on everything I have done, again wondering how on earth it all happened in a mere 31 days. Although I didn't do anything nearly as major as moving country this month (thank goodness, I don't want to go through all that for a good while now!) there are still so many things I have done for the first time and so many places I have explored.

  • I chopped off my hair (not so much looking forward to facing my hairdresser when I get back to the UK - I think what I like to consider a 'choppy bob' is probably a professional's idea of a 'hot mess'). I'm thinking of going much blonder in prep for summer, let me know what you think. Also opinions on honey blonde vs. platinum blonde very welcome.
  • I began settling into life as a European city gal. I've mentioned on here time and time again that I am an Island girl through and through - a proper water baby come country bumpkin. I've lived in London and Southampton but city life never really sat well with me. Life in Karlsruhe is definitely changing all that; I am loving the cobbled streets, buzzing parks and being one of the thousands of cyclists whizzing about the place. It's been a really great month for adventuring through my new city, eating at new places, finding hidden gems and generally throwing myself into this new lifestyle.
  • I watched a live football match for the first time! Okay so I'm not exactly much of a football fan and I didn't exactly know what was going on but when Paul and I were offered free tickets for Stuttgart FC on the day of the match we jumped at the opportunity and I'm so pleased because we had so much fun! This was a real lesson in spontaneity for someone like me who likes to plan and know what I'm up to ahead of time - we just went with the flow and it was a ball (possibly helped by a few free half pints of wine which kept us warm)
  • Spring sprung. The clouds are parting, the flowers are in bloom and we've even seen baby geese! I mentioned it in my last travel post but I'll say it again because I'm excited - it's so great to see Karlsruhe in the springtime!
As for the month ahead...

April is set to be pretty busy - we are looking for a place to live and I have a trip to the UK booked so I can visit my family and friends. Oh and eat a roast. I really miss roasts. I've actually naively decided to launch myself into some daily vlogging aswell which I am both apprehensive and excited for - I know it will be a big challenge and I really hope I can stick to it... find out on my Youtube Channel HERE
Hopefully some travels will ensue this month too. I am looking into Berlin as so many people I know have been raving about it and we're also still on the hunt for a nice warm holiday to warm the wintery cockles.

I hope March was fab for you all, let me know your plans for the month ahead,
Ella x



  1. I love your hair! It is so, so nice. I wish I had the bravery to cut all mine off! Haha. I love the length too much and no extensions would ever be the same! Gah. I'm platinum blonde (naturally), but I do love honey blonde! Yay - spring! I'm excited about autumn in New Zealand haha. It's 100% my favourite season. So excited to hear about what you do in April!

    (PS - Don't know if it's just my computer being a b*tch, but the link to your YouTube channel in the post isn't working? Maybe. It's probably just me haha.)

  2. Thanks so much, I know what you mean, I had such long hair for ages and I couldn't bear the thought of being without it! I think I'm leaning towards honey blonde just because I'm nervous about damaging it too much, you're so lucky to be a natural plat! I bet New Zealand in the Spring is amazing?!

    Thanks so much for letting me know about the link, I'll get that sorted straight away xxx


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