5 Important Steps for Lovely Liquid Liner

Since I was a wee thirteen year old I have been liquid liner obsessed. I love how it brings out my eyes, I love that it can give me that boost I need on a Monday morning and I especially love that it can distract from my dark, baggy under-eyes when I've had less than 40 winks. 8 years later (jesus that makes me feel old) and I still can't get enough of the stuff. Having said that I have also made my fair share of mistakes, so I thought I'd share my pointers on how to get the stuff to play ball. Stay tuned for an awks pic of me at thirteen!


 Queen of absolutely everything Alexa Chung insists on doing her own liner on shoots because she knows the importance of this one. What looks good on others may not be the best for you, but that's not to say you can't rock the liquid liner look. Fundamentally the best way to get your eyeliner looking great is to understand your eye shape. Mine are very round, with very rounded and slightly asymmetric lids so I have found the best liner look for me is to elongate the outside of the eye. I avoid the inner corner of the eye and focus on a line that gets thicker towards the outside edge, finishing with a flick that goes upwards and outwards but isn't too curled or 'tick' like. If your eyes are more of an almond shape, you can get away with just a fine line that doesn't flick out. Play about with this to see what works for you.


The product itself can make a world of difference whether you are new to liquid liners or have been wearing it for years. Most girls who wear it frequently will have firm favourites that they will buy and buy until it is no longer made, at which point they will have a Kim-K-lost-earring-in-sea style meltdown. If you are new to liner I would really recommend avoiding gel formulas for the time being as they have a tendency to drag which will create 'furry' edges instead of that sharp, sleek look. Instead opt for wet formulas with firm, felt nibs for optimum control. Pens are good for this as well as old school dip pots. I have tried many different liners from high end to high street and my all time favourite will forever be the 2True Effortless Eye Liner. Velvety black, matte, long wearing, non-smudging, not flaky, easy to use and only £1.99. Buy it now from your local Superdrug and thank me later.


A lot of people who have used liquid liner for a long time with swish the product along the lash in a second and come out with the perfect flick. Sadly we aren't all blessed with Da Vinci-esque precision, so if it's the drawing on part that has you in a fluster, begin by running the product in a thin line along the lashline, then draw the bottom of your flick with your eye open (roughly a 45 degree angle works best for me) before filling in the gaps in small, controlled steps.


We've all been there - the right side looks as though drawn by makeup angel Charlotte Tilbury herself, the left is a little more...Marilyn Manson. Please believe me, from experience, don't try fixing the left side and overdrawing the right to get them matching. To avoid looking like Gossip Girl sweetheart Little J, swipe it off with a Q tip dipped in Micellar water and try again.


Mascara can honestly make such a difference to how your eyes look with liquid liner. Opt for a pure black mascara and focus especially on the roots of the lashes so the transition is seamless and doesn't look disjointed. I personally love to go full on with the top lashes and add mascara to the bottom lashes aswell for a real Bridget Bardot 60s babein' look.

Equally, a good strong brow is IMHO super important. Because we are all friends here and because a picture speaks a thousand words I'm just going to allow teenage Ella to make this point;

...yup. (I actually found so many pics of teenage me with bad makeup I'm considering writing a whole post about it.)

Are you a liquid liner fiend like me? What are your best tips for creating the killer cat eye?

Ella x

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