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When I began blogging I thought mine looked I'd used Photoshop to create a proper header which had the pair of Miu Miu heels I so desperately longed for collaged onto it in a mirrored effect with the title in the middle, aswell as a collection of sidebar widgets featuring cool pictures. The Blogging World has moved on beyond anyone's wildest imagination since I was a tween however, and some basic cut and paste on a simple template doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

 Dress - Mango, Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana @ Smart Buy Glasses*, Scarf - H&M (current but not available online), Straw Bag - Primark (Similar), Shoes (Similar)

These days so many Bloggers have pushed the boundaries and created utterly gorgeous platforms that are a joy to peruse and I really felt this set me apart - in a bad way. For a long time now I have been dissatisfied with the way Ella Olivia has looked. I want to make continually improving content and I want it to be displayed in a format that looks great. It got to the point at which I was feeling so uninspired by the layout I began to really struggle with what content I wanted to produce and lost pride in my blog.

After giving the HTML & CSS a good shot myself, I decided to call in the professionals. Fully prepared to pay up what was necessary to get this bad boy back on track I thought that a custom design would be the only way forward. That's when I discovered Pipdig templates; a selection of beautiful, professionally designed Blogger and Wordpress compatible templates that cost less than a new pair of shoes. And frankly, it seemed a little good to be true.

The next morning during my daily browse of my favourite blogs I realised something - virtually all of them had the little Pipdig signature at the bottom. Mind made up, that afternoon I purchased the template that I felt fit Ella Olivia best. It was really important for me that my blog still felt like a blog. Whilst a real web-zine/website design works for some people, I am definitely old school and prefer to read from a scrolling page. I also longed for a page that had more up to date features and widgets. Many sites offer free coding for widgets but I always seemed to find a downfall that didn't quite sit right. So I selected 'Aruba Nights' and within ten minutes - YES, TEN MINUTES, I had installed the entire template myself without any hiccups.

The price is ludicrously good for the amount of work that has gone into these templates. Not only do most of the Pipdig templates come with custom built widgets you can add on in minutes, you can also request that the template is applied for you, free of charge.

I especially love that little features such as the back to top button and social media icons aren't missed - details like this make all the difference in making a site easier to navigate and give a far more professional feel.

Best of all, they are templates, which means you can edit them accordingly to fit with your style. Prefer Georgia 12pt bold? No problem. Want wider images? Done. With a small amount of blog design know how (or even just a quick Google) you can make the site look as though it was built for you and you only.

I couldn't recommend Pipdig more if you are looking to give your blog a quick and incredibly effective upgrade. I am totally shocked at how smooth the process of overhauling my blog was and I can't wait to start making adjustments to make it truly mine.

I hope you love the new look and please do be sure to let me know what you think!

Ella x


  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up Ella! I'm glad to hear you found the process easy. I'm glad also glad to see you picked a template that really suits your style as your blog looks great!

    I hope you continue to enjoy it, and if you need any help you can reach us at :)

    Phil (@pipdig)

    1. No problem at all! I absolutely love it, couldn't not spread the word!


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