Apartment Details; Making A Small Rental Feel Like Home

We're only in our lovely little Oststadt apartment for a short while but nonetheless I thought it'd be rude not to give a quick overview of the place and how we've made it feel like home. A white space with wooden floors and heaps of natural light from the large windows meant we had a pretty perfect blank canvas, but with most of my belongings in the UK and nowhere to hang a picture or two we have had to be creative!

I always think a bouquet of flowers can make such a difference to a space. Our peonies are feeling a little sorry for themselves - I don't know whether I managed to pick up a dodgy bunch or I've missed a trick but they are looking a bit like the undead. Nonetheless flowers are a well used trick in my arsenal against plain rental apartments. 

Other things you might have about the place like cute cocktail glasses and a shaker, shoes which could look great on display as well as books can help to make the place feel a little more personal. I love our postcards we picked up from Berlin so these take pride of place above our cabinet with the help of some masking tape.

Somehow we've wound up with a bit of an indoor jungle (tomatoes, basil and even avocado plants) which add to the airy feel. 

Magazines stowed away in baskets are a solution for keeping the place neat and decorative.

I really like to keep cute kitchenware on display when things are looking a bit empty, and this water set which was a moving gift is a firm favourite.

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet tour of our temporary abode. What are your tips for personalizing a rental space?

Ella x


  1. I love the little postcards you put on your wall! Last summer, while staying in the same apartment for two weeks, I did the same with washi tape and cute postcards I found around the shops near my apartment.
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

    1. Thank you! Little details like that can make all the difference :) Xx


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