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Recently whilst compiling blog posts I have realised my outfits I feature here are comprised of many items that are months, seasons and even years old mixed in with the odd new piece here and there. This is the way I dress, but it's also something I have been feeling increasingly guilty about when it comes to my blog. Which is dumb.


Tee Shirt - Similar, Skirt - Similar, Trainers - Vans

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to write this because I get it - Blogging as a business is about getting people to buy new stuff and yes, it is annoying when you can't get the exact garment someone is wearing because it's no longer in stores. But what's so bad about wearing something old that we love? And should Bloggers really be feeling the pressure to advocate a buy-it-then-pie-it approach to clothing? 

Now I don't want to run on with all that spiel about how we live in a society of fast fashion, buy it now, delivered by 1pm tomorrow, 24 seasons per year - we all know this. It's the way we now feel pressure to keep up with it that just gets a little silly. I myself am no angel; I love having a good peruse of the Asos new in section with a cup of tea in hand and heading to Zara on a weekly basis to discover if any fresh collections have arrived. I buy clothes more often than a lot of people and I inevitably have items in my wardrobe that get an outing only at Christmas. It's the wasteful and downright unachievable notion that once it's out of stores it should be off our backs and in a bin liner for the charity shop that bothers me.

As an avid Blog reader myself, I frequently find Bloggers almost apologising for showing items that aren't available anymore. Ironically, I much prefer the cases in which people say 'it's about four years old and almost threadbare but I just adore it'; that's actually the statement that makes me want to buy the 'similar item' linked. 

This outfit in particular is, quite accidentally, almost all from last year and the year before that. The daisy shirt is a favourite for when I just want to throw on a t shirt but still look put together, and the skirt which gives me real Prada vibes? I picked it up in the Zara sale for £3.99! Ironically printed items are often the ones that doesn't stand the test of time but every year I have gone back to this one. 

So lets fill our wardrobes with pieces that we love long time and rediscover the romance of the summer dress you wore on that amazing holiday and the shirt given to you by your best friend, and I will continue to embrace mixing the old with the new and linking similar items.

Ella x


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