Travel: A New Vantage Point - Durlach, Germany

I am a firm believer in living life as though you are a tourist - even in your own hometown it's so enriching to explore new parts and venture to places you've not yet seen.

This is something that has been of particular importance to me since I moved to Germany. Although I live here day in day out, I decided when I moved that I would do my best to keep exploring as though I am on holiday to get the most out of my time here. So when we were caught in what the very British drama queen in me would call a 'bloody heatwave' a couple of Saturdays back we decided to head out of the city and try something a bit different.

Okay so, granted, the first stop was the  Schlossgarten in Karlsruhe (the palace gardens) where I can be found at least every other day.

The palace in Karlsruhe is simply beautiful in all it's lemon yellow splendour, surrounded by parkland and forest that stretches out for miles in the shape of sun rays. The Schloss can be found parallel to the main high street in the city centre and has the best busy atmosphere on a sunny day. Head over in the morning though and even of a weekend you will share the park with only the birds and a few cyclists. 

We rounded up our stroll with a quick outfit shoot for the blog in front of these amazing tropically painted buildings on the palace grounds. Check out the full outfit post here.

Beginning to feel as though we were melting, we put ice cream firmly on the agenda.

Eis Cassata in Oststadt is the place to be for the best ice cream in town, ney, Germany. Paul's brother lives on the other side of the city but regularly visits the east side when the ice cream cravings kick in. My favourite flavour has got to be hazelnut, but the mango and Orangina flavours I went for this day were the perfect cooling combination.

Fuelled up with sugar and suddenly full of beans again we ventured further east on our bikes into the outskirts of Karlsruhe, into Durlach where we were met with a set of old stone steps.

Up we climbed, passing gorgeous Italian looking buildings with shutters and trailing wisteria.

Up more steps...

...and a few hundred more - no mean feat given the weather - until...

...we emerged from the tunnel-esque tree lined staircase and turned around to find this view! Laid out in front of us on this beautifully clear day we looked out on the entire city of Karlsruhe, even catching a glimpse of the mountains of the black forest beyond.

But that wasn't the end of our climb! Paul insisted we head up through the spiral staircases of the castle for a panoramic view...

...and it was undoubtedly worth it.

Stretched out before use were miles of red roofed traditional houses intermittently patched between stretches of forest.

After a long time soaking up the 360 degree view the sun burn had set in and dinner was calling, so down we spiralled through the castle, and back down the never ending steps leading back to Durlach's little high street. If you're looking for a workout, this felt like doing a lot of squats. A LOT.

Hopping back on our bikes we meandered through the pretty village of Durlach which was glowing in the late afternoon sunshine before heading back into Karlsruhe...

...where we all but collapsed on our balcony with a summery spread of avocado with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, bakery bread, local cheese and a bottle of red.


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