Karlsruhe is balmy an beautiful and rammed with bloody tree pollen which is turning me into a human hosepipe (good image, huh?) at the moment and I am finding myself more and more in love every day. Having spent a lot of time in Brittany growing up I have always considered France my second home; I feel as though every time I leave a piece of my heart stays on the canals and in the creperies and snuggled up in huge stone houses. I love it so dearly in fact that it is frequented in my mind as my happy place when I have to get work done at the dentist or I'm waiting in a particularly long queue - in reality I might be having the filling from hell but in my mind I'm surrounded by cheese and wine and passers by greeting me with a friendly 'bonjour!'.

Somehow without me quite realising it would, Germany has sneakily worked it's way into my affections, laden with stunning mountainous vistas and great bakeries. For a while I have been thinking about how I can write about my experience moving to Germany but after several drafts I haven't quite figured that out yet. So much has happened that for me to summarise it in a few hundred words has proven challenging. For now though, I am loving it and it's safe to say I will leave a good chunk of my aortic pump* here when I leave. 

*If anyone gets this tv reference then we can be friends




  1. This is such a cute look, I love how the skirt and scarf match, plus its such a pretty detail tying it to your bag!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog


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