On Christmas, Sales Shopping and Thanks

Merry Christmas all! I hope you are all enjoying some well deserved PJ time with your nearest and dearest. I myself am revelling in a strange place between contentment and food coma, it's fab. For the first time in six years I don't have to work at all over Christmas and it's utterly joyous to have the chance to watch Love Actually with a ginormous plate of cheese and no ugly gnawing feeling of - have I forgotton to wash my uniform? When do I need to set the alarm?-
(On this note, if you are hitting the sales today, please do bear in mind that every store assistant there has been required to give up precious time with their family over the festive period, and if there is one time of year we need to show love and patience to those around us, it is now.)

As usual, my Christmas Day whizzed past in a flash. Dad whipped up the most delicious scrambled egg with salmon ahead of another stellar Christmas lunch. Mum provided entertainment with a very... special game of 'Pass the Sprout' and the whole thing was a total blur of silliness and food. I hope you enjoy this snapshot, which will no doubt look far more sensible than indeed the day was.

One last thing - there are a few of you guys who have stuck around here reading my babblings for quite a while now, despite many a hiatus from me when life (read: work) gets busy and I just want to say that's really cool. I find it really difficult to actually imagine that people read this at all so I can't even begin to contemplate how many of you return time and time again but, yeah it's really cool. Also special mentions to my IRL friends Charlotte, Natalie, Cathy and my baby sister Darcy for all your feedback. And you Daisy for hitting me if I haven't posted in over a week.


(ps dress & jacket current H&M)


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  1. Awesome pictures :) Have a good day :)


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