Naturally around this time of year, the inclination is to recap on 2016, or to write about New Years Resolutions, but none of that has particularly grabbed me this year and frankly no one needs another smug 'look what fab stuff I've been up to' post on a Wednesday in January. Nor another list of generic reasons for why we should all be sportier, fitter, give up bread and all other good things in life. Instead, here is a retro style story I shot in a sehr cool place in Germany last week. All clothes current H&M, apart from the jeans which are from a GAP sale about 4 summers ago. A bit of a different style of shoot but I hope you like it as much as I do.

Oh, also -
A couple of days after Christmas, bored, I grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked off a large chunk of hair, all the more spurred on by my long suffering boyfriend asking what on earth I was doing. It was liberating and stupid and took me back to being fifteen again but I quite like it.


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