Old Town

Swimsuit - £9, Decathalon
Hotel - Monte Carlo, Funchal, Madeira

Nobody hates me more for posting poolside pics on a Wednesday evening than myself. I've got the kind of holiday blues which have rendered me unable to think about last week without sighing and telling all and sundry that this time last week I was.... Get your teency violins at the ready because this pity party of 1 is in full swing.

In case you were interested, this time last week I was on Madeira, the tropical Portugese island just off Africa. Famed for being green, lush, and having some of the most drinkable, lethal cocktails this side of the equator (2 "ponchas" are enough Ella, really), it was a great place to head to with work - and an even better place to convince the boyfriend to join for a few out-of-office days after.

I have about 400 pictures and tips and recommendations to share shortly, but this post is all about the base. We staid in Funchal, in a hotel covered in palm fronds and overlooking the old town's sea of terracotta roofs. It was built in the 20s, the rooms were basic as you like and ABBA played every evening on the bar terrace. Modern it was not; but full of charm, cheap as chips and with the most comfortable bed there is to crash out on. Oh, and this pool...

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