Barcelona Blues


Tomorrow I hit the sky again to head for sunny Spain for the second time this month and oh boy I can't wait to get my tan back on. The UK is giving me S.A.D, it feels like October but rainier and less fun. 

I have been stupid fortunate this summer and explored beyond the shores of my little Isle of Wight quite a lot and I've had such an amazing time. Heading to Barcelona with work for a week - & an extra day for exploring - was just the best experience and made me feel very lucky to work somewhere so cool. Having paella and rioja with the team before jumping in the bath-like sea beneath the W Hotel was a pretty pinch me moment.

It's also been a really tough couple of months - I've worked myself to exhaustion, pushed boundaries I didn't know I could and come up against some of my biggest learning curves in countries far away from home (with people who don't speak my language), but it has been wicked.

So the next week is all about kicking back and re-cooping, before my body totally gives up the ghost. I'm going to read books and trashy magazines, eat all of the tapas and get rid of two events abroad worth of t shirt tan lines.

Photos from beautiful Barcelona. Confused face from trying to take my own photos.

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